• Stay on Top of Your BMW Maintenance

    BMW vehicles are renowned for their incredible performance, luxury, and styling. When you purchase a new BMW from the dealership, you should be sure to bring your car to a BMW specialist serving Austin. By repairing your car at a shop that offers top quality foreign auto maintenance, you can rest assured that your import auto is receiving the attention that it deserves. A BMW specialist will have a complete range of knowledge about the maintenance requirements of the finely tuned components of your BMW. To help you keep your BMW running great, here is a look at some key maintenance requirements for all BMW cars.

    10,000 Mile Service

    The first maintenance procedure that you schedule for your BMW will typically occur at the 10,000 mile interval. Once you have driven your BMW for 10,000 miles or 12 months, you will be ready to schedule your first oil change and oil filter change. Along with performing an oil change, your mechanic will also inspect the brakes, coolant, and suspension components.

    30,000 Mile Service

    Along with all of the other services that are included during your prior inspections, your 30,000 mile service will also include several key procedures. For example, your technician will check the power steering and transmission for any signs of leaks. In addition, the brake pads and brake pads will also be evaluated. Finally, the temperature of your engine will also be verified. Your mechanic may also evaluate the performance of your BMW’s exhaust system.

    60,000 Mile Service

    Once you hit 60,000 miles of driving, you will be ready for another comprehensive service for your vehicle. At 60,000 miles, there are several parts of your BMW that will need to be inspected. For example, your technician will check your parking brake lining for signs of damage. In addition, your spark plugs and air filters will be replaced. This service may also include an inspection of the exterior car body. By staying on top of these service intervals, you can keep your BMW running great.

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