• Does it Matter Where Your European Car is Serviced?

    The fact that you own a European vehicle speaks volumes to the appreciation you have for quality, luxury, and performance. But if you want to keep your Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Volkswagen running like the precision-engineered driving machine it is, don’t trust just any old mechanic with your vehicle’s maintenance and repair needs. Although there are plenty of capable mechanics who can service foreign cars, bringing your vehicle to an auto repair shop in Austin that specializes in European auto service is the best way to guarantee that your car will come back to you in better shape than it was. Here are some of the benefits of having your European car serviced at a European auto repair shop in Austin.

    Faster Repair and/or Maintenance Services

    The argument can certainly be made that European auto service technicians provide higher quality repair and maintenance work on European makes and models than domestic-trained mechanics, but what most people don’t account for is the fact that these specialized technicians can also provide faster services on account of their familiarity with the vehicles. This means you can get back out on the road as quickly as possible by trusting a European auto repair and maintenance shop in Austin for all your vehicle’s servicing needs.

    More Thorough Vehicle Inspections

    European cars simply aren’t put together like their American counterparts. There are some pretty significant differences between foreign and domestic cars, which can make it difficult for unfamiliar mechanics to perform thorough inspections if they don’t know what to look for or how to reach certain components. You can rest assured that your European auto service technician will know exactly what to look for in order to give your vehicle a clean bill of health.

    Prevent Voiding the Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Although it’s not the case with all makes and models of European cars, some newer vehicles require all services performed during the warranty period to be carried out by technicians who are trained and certified in European auto maintenance and repair. Even if your vehicle’s warranty does not have such restrictions, you can see why European auto service shops are sometimes preferred to regular mechanics.

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