• Domestic vs. Import Cars [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When it comes to cars, should you buy domestic, or is import the right choice for you? It’s no accident that import cars are among the top-selling cars in the United States. Many drivers simply prefer them for a range of reasons. Imports tend to be more efficient, faster, and sleeker, plus, they have great brand recognition. However, not all car lovers drive imports. For instance, if you want a muscle car, American autos lead the pack. Find out more about the differences between domestic and imports in this infographic from Northwest Imports. We provide foreign car maintenance in Austin for a range of European cars. Import drivers trust our European auto service, thanks to our specialized training in foreign auto maintenance. Whether you need a BMW specialist, Porsche specialist, or repair for any European car, choose us for reliable, affordable service. Please share this information to help others understand why where a car is made impacts how it drives.

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